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With all the excitement of the upcoming midterms, you have forgotten about an essay or two. Now you have to give up sleep and food to waste away in the library to get everything done on time. Despite your best efforts, you barely turn the paper in before the deadline and get a disappointing C. When you ask your lucky classmate how he pulled off an A without breaking a sweat, you hear a shocking answer: “I got someone to write my paper for cheap”.

With shaking hands, you type in the URL and glance around to make sure no one notices what you are doing. And now you are here, excited and afraid at once at the prospect of buying a cheap essay. Before you lose your nerve, let us answer the question driving you crazy

It Happens to Everyone

Thirty seconds with Google search results will tell you that essays cost hundreds of dollars, per page. The sooner the deadline, the steeper the prices. However, you know that cost does not always equal quality, and that’s what our writers prove every day. Our cheapest essay writing service is always the right choice, because

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Marketing specialists rule the modern world, manipulating you to buy another smartphone when you’ve just bought a new one. Inflated essay writing prices are not the sign of superpowered writers and editors. Instead of paying the writer, you sponsor another annoying ad on YouTube or Facebook. So why not cut the middleman and say “write my essay for me” to the person who will do the writing?

You Don’t Become Our Hostage

Whenever you surrender hundreds of dollar for a paper, you give up control over your life. Instead of chilling out while you wait for the writer to do her job, you are always thinking about the money you’ve spent and how perfect the paper should be to justify that much cash. You wind yourself so tight; the disappointment hits you hard when the essay is not what you expected.

You Can Buy More

Why buy one paper when you can order two essays for the same price? Less homework means more time for things that matter, like your internship, love life, or family. Every hour you save on writing you can invest in forging useful connections, experiencing new things, and living the life to its fullest.

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